"Our hard working staff."

It's too easy to go to a convention and have a grand time with even giving a thought to the people who made it happen.

They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it built by one person. Here is a list of those who are helping make this
convention possible. Be sure to send them your love for all their hard work.

Shy Matsi (Con Chair)
Stitch (Board Member)
Lone Shep (Board Member)
Kiba Wolf (Board Member)
Harrison (Board Member)
Salrus (A/V) [Lead]
Avaline (A/V)
Tai (Operations/CI)
Leaf (Art) [@zorori] [Lead]
Nessie (Art) [@nessieD]
Rufus (Dealer's Den) [Lead]
Sinclair (Dealer's Den)
Zade (DJ Coordinator) [Lead]
Arctico (IT) [Lead]
Falconeio (Games) [Lead]
Aurorakins (Operations)
Barker Jr. (Operations)
Pawsouls (PR) [Lead]
Shard (PR)
Lenaki (Registration) [Lead]
Steven (Security)
Blaze (Volunteer) [Lead]
Gabbi Bunni (Volunteer)
Zo'eim Strannik (Web)
Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Leaf and Nessie for lending their time for our convention's art!
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