"Your name on the list."

Okay, so we've been playing around long enough and it's now time to register for a 5 star treat.

If you plan on attending Garden State Fur the weekend, we ask that you please register by clicking the “Register Now” button on this page.


Customer ($74.00)
Welcome to GSFTW Diner! Follow us to your table. Would you like to hear the specials that come with this option? Great, you’re gonna get our conbook menu, a nifty badge with your name on it, and a swag bag.
Wanna upgrade? You can decide at any time, take your time, we’re open all day!

The Regular ($134.00)
Welcome back, pal! Will it be the Regular today? Of course, this comes with the usual Customer level deal, plus a sponsor gift.
Wanna upgrade? Well you’re a Regular, so you know that you can decide at any time, no problem!

You will receive:

  • Sponsor ribbon
  • A convention tee shirt
  • Lanyard
  • Seed garden for helping GSFTW grow

The Big Tipper ($264.00)
Welcome back! Your usual table? You got it! Of course I’ll bring your Regular options, plus an extra super duper gift that is an off menu item! Oh don’t you worry about it! It’s on the house! Wanna upgrade? No rush, decide at any time! We got you!

You will receive:

  • Super Sponsor ribbon
  • GSFTW tote bag
  • Ceramic mug
  • A free dinner at a diner with our guests
  • Plus all the goods for the Customer and Regular tiers

Chef’s Special ($504.00)
You heard all our specials, but you want the Chef's Special for the weekend! You got it, it also comes with Customer, the Regular and the Super, and then the main dish, a cool gift on the side. Oh it comes with it! Of course, well bring it right out for you! Complements of the Chef.

You will receive:

  • A leather con patch (will be sent to you after the convention)
  • Denim biker vest (will be sent to you after the convention)
  • All the goods from the Big Tipper to the Customer tiers

The Boss ($2004.00)
Whoa ! Look out ! "Cuz The Boss" is in the building! Anything you say Boss you got it. Please, Allow me to get your coat.

You will receive:

  • A custom leather jacket with art of your OC embroidered on the back (delivered after convention)
  • Custom "Boss" themed badge of your OC
  • A seat with the Guest of Honor at dinner
  • And all the goods from all the other tiers


If you plan on hosting a panel at Garden State Fur The Weekend, we ask that you please register by clicking the “Register Now” button on this page, and fill out the GSFTW Panel Application.

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